“I’m just going to take some time and work on me.”

The battle cry of the newly single. The mantra of the lost soul looking for some answers.

You’ve said it before. I know I’ve uttered the phrase.

“I’m just going to take some time and work on me.

When we hear our friends or family members speak these words, we applaud them. We think it’s a great idea that they take a step back, work on themselves, and figure out what they really want out of life.

But why do we ever stop working on ourselves? Why do we only choose to do the work when it seems like we have to?

Probably because getting cheated on or getting fired shines bright lights on where we need to grow. It provides such a stark contrast that it’s hard not to see that we could use some work.

You know what’s ironic, though?

Those external events–the same ones that force us to look at our flaws and try to fix them–can be prevented or diminished by consistently working on ourselves proactively.

  • You can sidestep getting fired by becoming the best employee possible, making yourself indispensable. This comes through constant and consistent work on yourself and your daily habits.
  • You can lessen the monumental grief of a lost loved one by being fully present while they’re still here. This can be done by practicing the art of cutting out distractions and cultivating emotional intelligence.
  • You can avoid that heart-wrenching breakup by working on yourself, your communication skills, and becoming your best self ahead of time.


This concept–one of proactive, consistent self-work–has been one that I’ve found to be incredibly powerful.

It’s not that my life was in a bad place prior to my exposure to the world of personal development; I was completely content! But what I’ve found is that the more I worked on myself, the more powerfully I showed up for my wife, my friends, and my family.

My relationship with myself, taking the time to “work on me”, became the linchpin that brought out the best in all areas of my life.

Since my experience with this approach has been life-altering, I wanted to give back and find a way to help others discover the power of their relationship with themselves.

If you’re a guy looking to improve your relationship with your girlfriend, your wife, or just women in general, I have something for you:

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  • Free and unlimited access to tools that I have either created or discovered that will be catalysts for your growth.

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