Fall in Love With the Friction

Easy Street or Hard Times Highway; which one do you choose?

Without question, most of us would want the low-stress vibes that Easy Street has to offer.

“No worries, no problems, and no work to get done? Where do I sign?”

The problem with this is with our fear of problems themselves. We fear the stress of a busy day. We fear the tough conversation that needs to be had with a loved one. We fear being wrong.

We fear friction. That uncomfortable feeling when we’re at the edge of our comfort zone or knee deep in a problem that we’re not sure we can solve. That friction between “You’re doing just fine” and “You haven’t got a clue” makes us yearn for Easy Street.

But on the other side of that friction is where we grow into the best version of ourselves. By fighting through those uncomfortable moments where our comfort zone rubs against the unknown, we come out with more perspective, more experience, and more skills.

The work that you put in at your job or in your business may be hard, but it’s growing your skill set and expertise.

The hard conversation you sit through with a loved one will be uncomfortable, but it will lead to less resentment over time and a more open and communicative relationship.

It may be embarrassing when you put yourself out there and are dead wrong, but you can learn from those mistakes and missteps. Eventually, you’ll make less and less mistakes and more and more progress.

We all need to spend some time on Easy Street. Some rest and relaxation without a care in the world is necessary for us to recharge. But don’t buy a house on Easy Street; go there for vacation.

Instead of fearing the friction in your life, meet it head on. Know that the uneasy feeling in your stomach is temporary, but the growth and expansion that you are paid for your struggles last forever. Don’t choose a life without conflict. Keep leaning into things that make you uncomfortable.

Fall in love with the friction.