Choose Your Hard

Eating healthy and exercising more is hard. So is being overweight, not fitting in your clothes, and being ashamed of the person you see in the mirror.

Choose your hard.

Being vulnerable and honest with a person to the point that they know and love you despite your flaws is hard. So is being alone, never having the courage to truly open up to anyone.

Choose your hard.

Applying for a new job or pursuing a career outside of your comfort zone is hard. So is resenting your dead end job for 30 years, counting down the days until you finally get to retire.

Choose your hard.

Ending a relationship or leaving a job that doesn’t fulfill you anymore is hard. So is staying where you are because you’re scared of the unknown.

Choose your hard.

Life is hard. No matter what you choose to pursue, there will be different levels of difficulty. Some may be fooled into thinking that there is a hard path to conquer, complemented by a much easier path to coast down. Not so fast.

Challenging yourself and the edges of your comfort zone will be difficult in all areas of life. Just understand that the alternative to this path of pushing your limits is not easier by comparison. It may be easier and more comfortable in the beginning, but the side effects of taking the easy road will show themselves in time.

There’s essentially two models of how you can live your life:

Model 1: Hard Work—-Time Passes—-Amazing Results

Model 2: Take it Easy—-Time Passes—-Hard Realities

In Model 1, you’re putting in the hard work on the front end, but you’re seeing amazing results on the back end.

In health, this would be eating healthier and exercising consistently up front, then experiencing a more fit body over time. In your relationships, this would mean being open and vulnerable with someone from the beginning, then seeing that showing your true self allowed for a deeper and more fulfilling relationship long term.

In Model 2, you’re taking it easy on the front end, only to find that your met with hard realities as time passes.

In your health, this would mean that you eat whatever you want, don’t exercise much, only to find out that you’re 50 pounds overweight and have developed Type II diabetes over time. In your relationships, you are closed off in the beginning out of fear of not being hurt, but in the end realize that the distance that your position has created won’t allow anyone to get close enough to truly love you.

Life will be hard at some point. You can either choose to challenge yourself in the beginning or let life challenge you in the end.

Choose when you take on the challenge. Choose your destiny. Choose your hard.



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