Recreate the Best Day of Your Life Every Day

I’d say most of us can nostalgically recall the best day of our life. It sticks out amongst all of the other normal days because of a certain event or who we may have spent it with.

We all want to recapture that feeling. It’s one that seems out of reach and impossible to recreate. How could you relive your wedding day? How could you recreate the birth of your child? How could you bring back the feeling of joy, happiness, and gratitude from your best day ever?

It’s easier than you think. It’s not about renewing the logistics and every detail of those moments; it’s about bringing back how you felt during the experience.

Think about the best day of your life and extract the most meaningful parts.

My best day was my wedding day, hands down. I’m a natural born softie and hopeless romantic, so getting married to the love of my life was the best 24 hours I’ve had.

Now, is it realistic to have another wedding in order to relive the feelings I experienced that day? No, of course not.

What is more manageable is to reflect on the most meaningful moments and then be intentional about making more moments like them.

I loved reading my vows and expressing to my wife how crazy I am about her. Rather than waiting for an anniversary, a birthday, or some major holiday to reaffirm those feelings to her, I can make her aware of my love every day.

I loved spending time with close friends and family before, during, and after the wedding. I can recreate that atmosphere by planning time to hang out with my friends, or taking a day or two to go visit with my family.

I loved the food. This may seem like an odd thing to add in here, but the food at our wedding was incredible. Stations stocked with Chinese food, Mexican dishes, and traditional Italian pastas made for a delicious meal. The food tasted great, but it was even better sharing it with the people closest to me. A good meal with great company can be created any day of the week; I don’t need another wedding for that experience to occur.

The point is, you don’t have to hold out for your next “best day of your life” to enjoy the days that pass until then. Just infuse those amazing moments into as many days as you can.

Be intentional about reliving the feeling of your best day ever, and stay unattached to the events. It wasn’t the wedding itself that made my favorite day so special; it was the moments I had with the people that I love that make it memorable.

Use your favorite moments to cultivate joy in your life and make every day memorable. Recreate the feeling of your “best day ever” every chance you get.


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